October 31, 2006

AIMMS 3.7 Maintenance Release available

Haarlem (The Netherlands) – Today, Paragon Decision Technology released a new Maintenance Release of AIMMS, version 3.7. It is now available for downloading.

This new AIMMS release has already exceeded expectations during its development phase. Several AIMMS customers and AIMMS Service Partners that were able to attend a live demo of the new features, are happy and enthusiastic to see so many new and enhanced features that (again) improve the usability for both developers and end users and will allow all users to enjoy the AIMMS experience even more.

AIMMS 3.7 will offer – amongst others – the following new features:

  • Integrated GIS support; the capability to dynamically retrieve background images from one or more GIS servers to enhance visualization, interpretation and modification of data in the AIMMS network object. AIMMS will support the retrieval of data layers from any GIS server that supports the WMS, WFS and GML standards. 
  • Stochastic Programming support; the ability to generate stochastic LP/MIP recourse models from any given deterministic model. It will allow our users to solve mathematical models with uncertainty to optimality and create robust solutions without the need to change the symbolic formulation of the models. 
  • New Syntax Editor; modifying and inspection of the AIMMS model code will become much easier using new syntax support features such as user configurable formatting (personal profiles), coloring, code blocks, auto indentation, bracket matching, tooltips, and member lists.
  • Parallel Solver Session support; modeling application that solve multiple math programs in parallel on one or more computers. Advanced optimization applications in which multiple independent math programs can be solved simultaneously can now boost their performance on multi-processor computer or multi-core processors drastically. The free trial license provides the option to process all linear and nonlinear solvers in parallel.
  • Improved multi-developer support; applications can be divided into a main project and one or more library projects. Compared to the source code modules supported in AIMMS 3.2 and up, library projects can not only contain a part of the application’s model source, but also the associated pages, templates and menus to be included in the overall application end-user GUI. Each developer can edit one or more of these projects while his/her colleague developers work on the other.
  • Pivot table extensions; various extensions to the graphical pivot table object introduced in AIMMS 3.6 will be offered, including advanced sorting capabilities of rows and/or columns, check boxes as cell values, grand totals, the ability to extend the table with several layers of additional indices that can be mapped to existing indices, and more.  
  • Web Services extensions; support of  full asynchronous messaging between a community of AIMMS agents, and any external application that implements a Web Service according to an AIMMS-generated WSDL description of the service. The extended set-up allows for a much more effective use of AIMMS in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Next to that, it also allows the creation of a distributed application consisting of one or more AIMMS and external applications.
  • Extended Solver support; KNITRO, designed by Ziena Optimization Inc., is offered for solving large-scale general nonlinear problems (NLP), but also solves problems with complementarity constraints (MPCC), a new program type offered by AIMMS. KNTIRO is included in the free trial license.


How to experience the AIMMS 3.7

If you want to experience AIMMS 3.7, check out the details about our new features and request a free trial license* for the AIMMS 3.7. If you are planning to come to the Annual INFORMS Meeting in Pittsburgh (Nov 5-8), register for our free pre-conference workshop that focuses on the new AIMMS 3.7 features.

*) Customers with a maintained AIMMS License can use their existing license to run AIMMS 3.7.


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