June 7, 2006

AIMMS Manuals available @ On-line Book Stores

Haarlem (The Netherlands) / Seattle (WA, USA) – Paragon Decision Technology has launched the ability to order the latest and redesigned hard copy of the AIMMS 3 manuals (currently version 3.6).  

For several years we have enabled our AIMMS users to use the manuals on-line from within the AIMMS software. Since we noticed that our users also like to have an actual and up-to-date hard copy, we have worked with Lulu (the web’s premier independent publishing marketplace) to create a Print on Demand service.

This service enables you to order a copy of the AIMMS manual with every functional AIMMS Release through different on-line channels such as Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders.

The AIMMS manuals will also be listed in the following bibliographic databases to facilitate the widest availability around the world: Books In Print, Ingram Book Group, and Nielsen BookData .

Order AIMMS 3.6 Manuals now

If you are ready to order the new AIMMS 3.6 manuals now, please visit our storefront at Lulu:

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