April 30, 2006

Under development: AIMMS 3.7

Currently Paragon Decision Technology’s R&D is developing AIMMS 3.7 that is to be released in October 2006. Based on requests from our customers, our personal experiences and technological developments, the following major features have been selected to be included:

Integrated GIS supportclick to enlarge

The network flow object of AIMMS 3.7 will be extended with the capability to dynamically retrieve background images from one or more GIS servers. The GIS-generated background can consist of several layers, possibly obtained from multiple GIS servers, or, alternatively, GIS files generated from your AIMMS application. AIMMS supports retrieval of data layers from any GIS server that supports the WMS, WFS and GML standards.

Benefits: This GIS support of AIMMS will allow (end) users to depict their geographical related solution data on a dynamic map which will enhance visualization, interpretation and modification for both end users and developers within our integrated AIMMS environment.

Syntax editor

AIMMS 3.7 will be extended with a state-of-the-art syntax highlighting control with support for such features as:

  • User-configurable formatting for keywords, elements, strings, and identifier types.
  • Collapsible code blocks.
  • Bracket matching capabilities. click to enlarge
  • Auto-indentation and indentation guidelines.
  • Member lists (e.g. to select an identifier from a namespace, or a suffix).
  • Function and procedure prototype tooltips.

Benefits: With the introduction of a syntax highlighting control in AIMMS, modifying AIMMS source code and visual code inspection will become much easier. Also, the user configurable formatting (personal profiles) and coloring makes it possible to clearly and visibly distinguish between variables and parameters in, for instance, constraint definitions.

Stochastic programming support

AIMMS 3.7 will offer support for generating a stochastic LP/MIP recourse model from any given deterministic model, without the need to reformulate the deterministic model. By only supplying additional attributes for selected parameters, variables and constraints, AIMMS can generate both a deterministic and recourse model from the same formulation. Various user adaptable templates for generating a scenario tree and the corresponding stochastic input data for the recourse model are available in the form of a system module which can be imported into any AIMMS application. To solve the recourse model, AIMMS 3.7 will generate and solve the corresponding deterministic equivalent.

Benefits: The support of stochastic programming within AIMMS allows one to solve mathematical models with uncertainty to optimality and create robust solutions without changes the actual structure of the models.

Parallel solver sessions

The AIMMS GMP library of AIMMS 3.7 will be extended with support for parallel solver sessions. This allows a modeling application to solve multiple math programs in parallel on one or more computers.

Benefits: For advanced optimization applications in which multiple independent math programs can be solved simultaneously, this may dramatically increase the application performance on multi-processor computer or multi-core processors.

Improved multi-developer support

AIMMS 3.7 will offer improved support for multiple developers to work on a single AIMMS application. AIMMS 3.7 applications can be divided into a main project and one or more library projects. Compared to the source code modules supported in AIMMS 3.2 and up, library projects can not only contain a part of the application’s model source, but also the associated pages, templates and menus to be included in the overall application end-user GUI. Each developer can edit one or more of these projects while his/her colleague developers work on the other.

Benefits: This feature will significantly increase AIMMS’ capabilities to allow multiple developers to work on all aspects (i.e. model and GUI) of a single application. It also allows for effective reuse of shareable parts of an AIMMS application.

Pivot table extensions

In AIMMS 3.7 various extensions to the graphical pivot table object introduced in AIMMS 3.6 will be offered, including:

  • Support for domain identifiers to influence the sparsity of a pivot table.
  • Advanced sorting capabilities of rows and/or columns.
  • Allow identifier suffices to count as an extra dimension.
  • Support for check boxes as cell values.
  • Support for grand totals.
  • Ability to extend the table with several layers of additional indices that can be mapped to existing indices.

The latter extension enables application specific aggregations. For instance, adding a set of quarters that are mapped to months and a set of years that are mapped to quarters, allows the display of both quarterly and yearly totals for data that is defined over months only.

Benefits: Even more functionality and flexibility is available to provide more power to both the developer and end user to visualize and inspect data.

Web Services extensions

The support for Web Services introduced in AIMMS 3.6 will be significantly extended in AIMMS 3.7. Web Services in AIMMS 3.7 supports full asynchronous messaging between a community of AIMMS agents, and any external application that implements a Web Service according to an AIMMS-generated WSDL description of the service.

Benefits: The extended set-up allows for a much more effective use of AIMMS in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Next to that, it also allows the creation of a distributed application consisting of one or more AIMMS and external applications.

Click here for an overview of all new AIMMS features.

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