October 17, 2005

AIMMS 3.6 Released

Haarlem (The Netherlands) – Today, October 17, Paragon Decision Technology has released the AIMMS 3.6 version. This new version of the AIMMS 3 series will allow you to take advantage of new functionality such as:

  • The Pivot Table, a new advanced interactive GUI object for Developers and End Users that enables one or more selected identifiers to be displayed in tabular format.
  • Extensions to the Generated Math Program library. With the new additions it is possible to solve complex MIP/MINLP problems through a recursive sequence of smaller sub-problems and/or heuristics.
  • The BARON solver upgrade that allows the use of XA and CONOPT (the default solvers of AIMMS) to solve for global optimality.
  • LGO, the Lipschitz-continuous Global Optimizer of PCS that integrates global and local solvers to handle non-linear programming models of a general form.
  • Web Services, which provides a standardized and language-independent method of communication between your applications and AIMMS, and allows AIMMS to be called from a wider range of applications than before, and to effectively become part of service-oriented architectures.

Click here to read more about the new AIMMS 3.6 Release.


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