AIMMS PRO 1.0.3 is now available. The release contains a number of exciting new features, as well as a series of bug fixes. Key enhancements include:

1. Support for Unicode AIMMS projects, AIMMS 3.14 (due as production release early 2014) and central case management on the PRO server (awaiting AIMMS version due early 2014). Central case management is our next step in collaborative data management. The feature will make it easier to share data with colleagues.

2. More control on whether and how to pass application state between client- and server-side sessions, and new capabilities to set up synchronous or nested computation flows, including extra messaging functions, distributed computations, and capabilities to change queuing priority and license profile at runtime. Advanced modelers will be able to create more powerful and flexible projects with these tools.

3. Automatic cleanup of server-side sessions after a configurable time period.

4. Automatic recovery of client connections after connection loss or server restarts.

Please contact if you would like to upgrade to this version of AIMMS PRO or would like to receive more information.