The Netherlands (March 19, 2015) – Nampak is Africa’s leading packaging company. Nampak Glass, the bottling division of the company, operates a world-class manufacturing plant in Roodekop, South Africa. The facility is equipped with the latest international technology and supplies a diverse range of standard as well as customer-specific glass bottles to the beverage and food industry. Increasing needs for product flexibility and production efficiency, paired with rising customer demand volatility require Nampak Glass to improve their ability to deploy the best possible production schedule at all times. A redesign of the scheduling process was necessary to align different production phases. To address this, Nampak has chosen AIMMS’ optimization software and Districon, an AIMMS implementation partner, to develop a customized production scheduling and optimization tool.

Districon will develop this tool in four months supporting Nampak’s detailed planning process for 3 furnaces, enabling improvements in turnaround times and efficiency. The tool will leverage AIMMS’ modeling technology to support the company’s schedulers, sales and management teams to make the best business decisions through the evaluation and optimization of profit scenarios. This will also allow the business to respond to daily disturbances and changing demand requirements in a cost-effective way. The AIMMS-based optimization solution answers Nampak’s key business question: “what actions do we need to take to achieve our business objectives?”

Nampak will develop a unique business platform named GOBSS: Nampak Glass Optimization Business Software Solution.  AIMMS and Districon were chosen for their combined ability to deliver smart optimization-based supply chain solutions in a short space of time with clear ROI, supported by a professional and capable team. Although Glass production scheduling is the first area where AIMMS technology will be applied to optimize complex decision making, Nampak also intends to apply AIMMS to improve performance and accelerate innovation in other areas across the group.

“Our goal is to be able to make fast, efficient and comprehensive business decisions in an environment where demands are constantly changing. We recognize that we need the right tools to enable us to do that. AIMMS was identified as a powerful and versatile tool with partner Districon as an outfit with the ability to harness and extract the most that the AIMMS engine has to offer. We chose this team for that very reason. Our business requirements are not only complex but unique in nature and working with the right tools and the right team was imperative for us to achieve our goals,”  says Vishal Devan, Supply Chain Director from Nampak Glass. “We hope to see the benefits in the near future.”

“Nampak has decided to make a great step forward towards best in class performance,” says Jack Pool, Managing Director at Districon. “Nampak lives the ambition to be leading the game and it’s an honor to be part of this journey.”

“During our engagement, I experienced Nampak as a value driven company on a clear mission with a great leadership team,’’ says Christophe Frère, VP EMEA at AIMMS.We are proud that AIMMS’ technology has been selected to make a difference and I foresee a bright future for Nampak Group.’’


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Christophe Frère