Mopta 2012

For the fourth year, AIMMS is pleased to be the sponsor for the AIMMS/MOPTA Optimization Modeling Competition.

The Challenge: Scheduling in SmartGrids 

Energy demands in a single home or across multiple homes in a neighborhood are often flexible. In this competition, your team will develop a tool to handle the scheduling of appliances in a home (or in a neighborhood) that aims to reduce costs for the consumer while maintaining level loads for the utility company.

AIMMS MOPTA Models, Presentations & Reports of Finalists

Team Yie-Galindo from the University of Buffalo, USA, has been named the winner of this year’s AIMMS-MOPTA modeling competition. The announcement was made at the the 2012 MOPTA Conference at Lehigh University on July 31, 2012. Team Yie Galindo, consisting of team members Gina M. Galindo-Pacheco and Ruben D. Yie-Pinedo, used a rolling horizon approach to handle this year’s scheduling problem that dealt with uncertainty. Their AIMMS model took into account the randomness of the duration of the activities and was accented by a very nice and user-friendly interface. Their advisor is Rajan Batta.


From left to right. Prof. Terlaky (Lehigh University), Gina M. Galindo-Pacheco, Ruben D. Yie-Pinedo (University at Buffalo (SUNY)), and Peter Nieuwesteeg (AIMMS)

THE WINNER: Team Yie Galindo, consisting of team members Gina M. Galindo-Pacheco and Ruben D. Yie-Pinedo, from the University at Buffalo, USA. Advisor: Rajan Batta.

FINALISTSTeam Smart of University of Twente, The Netherlands (members Dorien M. Cluwen, Irana Denisson) and Team Smart Power Engineers of TU Berlin, Germany (members Soner Emec, Florian W. Huber).

All submissions are posted here as they were received by the jury of the Modeling Competition and AIMMS, Inc. The presentations and reports are available in PDF. The AIMMS project is available in aimmspack format. If you do not have an AIMMS license, you can request a free trial license – if you are academic, apply for our new Free AIMMS Academic License.