AIMMS hosted its first Asia-Pacific Customer Conference last week, from the 13th to the 14th of November. The conference’s location was the beautiful and famous West Lake area in Hangzhou, China – a city located a short train ride south east of Shanghai. The event took place in the classic Shangri La hotel, known for its fantastic view of the lake and Chinese kitchen.


A shared passion for optimization

AIMMS COO Jan Willem van Crevel and VP Asia-Pacific Lei Wang were present at the event. What they found most striking, aside from a great turn out, was our guests’ shared passion for optimization. Attendees actively sought each other out during breaks and enthusiastically engaged with speakers to compare and exchange insights. They held vigorous discussions about their approaches to operations research and were always eager to learn from each other.

Optimization for electricity market systems was definitely the number one application area represented and discussed at the conference. Several academics were also eager to hear about real-life, practical applications for a number of theories.

The number one optimization technology insight discussed at the conference was the importance of dealing with uncertainty in input data and modeling. This area appears to be hard to explain to businesses and users, which challenges us even further to develop techniques and software that can lower these barriers and achieve optimized results.

Growing the AIMMS community in Asia-Pacific

The dominant language spoken at the conference was Chinese. With three native speakers as employees, we were certainly not short of interactions. All in all, we can say that we look back on a very inspiring event that will undoubtedly contribute to grow the AIMMS community in Asia-Pacific. Click below to view more pictures of the event.