IMG_3443 AIMMS hosted its annual partner conference for Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) last month, from the 29th to the 30th of January. The conference’s location was a beautiful old ship wharf in the center of Amsterdam.

To the Next Level

CEO Gijs Dullaert kicked off the event by sharing our ambitious 10-year plan to bring AIMMS to the next level. The AIMMS PRO platform and our Supply Chain focus will be the basis for our successful growth, furthering our mission to bring the benefits of optimization to society. Aside from this strategic update, a variety of partners shared their AIMMS PRO successes and learnings. It was clear that AIMMS PRO creates a competitive advantage for our clients with a fast and high return on investment.

User Interface

Our community strongly believes that the value of optimization needs to be presented in a user friendly way. It is important to design specific user interfaces to help people make better decisions, especially when using AIMMS for what-if scenarios. The design company Stroom organized an interactive workshop during the partner conference in order to share insights and learnings on building GUIs. We were thrilled to hear that 90% of the workshop’s participants would start a UI project differently after taking part in this session.

Jan Willem van Crevel, head of R&D at AIMMS, also shared our development roadmap and presented this year’s plans for AIMMS Desktop, AIMMS PRO and our new WebUI. He explored the two main trends in our product development: centralized computing and openness. An interactive discussion on the integration of AIMMS with ERP systems followed his presentation.

Furthermore, interesting discussions about data integration and multi-user support took place between AIMMS CTO Marcel Roelofs and several partners, paving the way for more breakthroughs in our product’s design. These discussions confirmed the importance of this subject and highlighted the complexity of designing a generic solution. Next steps will likely include designing a mechanism to synchronize data across all applications and enabling concurrent data editing, followed by a merge process.


We were pleased to provide a networking platform for our partners. A canal trip through Amsterdam accompanied by a great Indonesian dinner was also part of the program.

Interested in learning more? Visit our partners page or contact AIMMS VP EMEA Christophe Frère for more information.​