If you solve a mathematical program, AIMMS will first perform a generation step to process the variables and constraints. The resulting mathematical program is then sent to and solved by a solver (e.g., CPLEX or GUROBI). A generated math program (GMP) can be used to quickly update coefficients and resolve a mathematical program. The functions for modifying a GMP are collected in the GMP library. This library can also be used to:

  • store multiple solutions,
  • solve multiple mathematical program instances in parallel,
  • create advanced algorithms like the Outer Approximation algorithm or the Benders’ Decomposition algorithm.

Our next Product Training webinar will provide an introduction to the GMP library and will take place on October 15, 2014. We will host two sessions, one at 10 AM CET and one at 8 AM PDT. Click here to register for your preferred time.

Speaker information

Marcel Hunting, Client Support consultant at AIMMS – Marcel completed his Masters Degree and PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente. He started working at AIMMS in 1998, focusing on the development of the algorithmic capabilities of AIMMS, including solvers and GMP. This year, he joined our client support team to help users with algorithmic and solver-related questions and puzzles.