Haarlem, The Netherlands (October 24, 2013) –La Poste has chosen AIMMS technology to optimize its mail and parcel collection and delivery networks. AIMMS’ optimization technology will be used to support business decisions for the mid-term architecture of these networks in larger cities.

La Poste is active in 4 main areas:

The Mail service is continuously modernizing in order to meet the challenges associated with the digitalization of exchanges.

Parcels and Express: the 2nd largest parcel operator in Europe and leader on the French market, with a strong e-commerce profile, Geopost specializes in parcels up to 30 kg.

Banking: La Banque Postale was launched on January 1st and is the banking arm of the La Poste group. It represents a new and original concept in retail banking, with its open door policy, and provides adapted banking and insurance solutions to almost 29 million customers.

La Poste Retail Outlets is the leading provider of local services in France, with 17,000 post offices providing information on behalf of La Banque Postale, Le Courrier and Colis-Express. This position has been achieved through ambitious modernization and by placing client relations at the heart of the brand’s strategy. Internet, telephone and automatic dispensing machines make La Poste more accessible than ever today.
La Poste was officially granted the role of primary delivery service in France in 1999. This involves providing a fully comprehensive service covering:

– National and cross-border letter delivery of items 2 kg or less,
– Parcel deliveries for items up to 20 kg,
– Recorded deliveries and declared value consignments.

La Poste is the 2nd European postal services operator in terms of turnover (€21.7 billion in 2012). It consistently looks to provide the best economic and social solutions, within a guiding framework built upon the principles of equality, continuity and flexibility. It is committed to ensuring that services across the country consistently meet with fixed quality standards. All collection and delivery services handled by La Poste are offered at accessible prices and guaranteed on all working days.

With the spread of new technologies and the advent of economic and social changes, new shopping and logistic patterns have emerged, leading to growth in deliveries in particular. Confronted with a competitive environment and the growing complexity of the ‘last mile’ issue, La Poste implements the best tools to optimize the strategy of its organization. These optimization tools need to deal with a dense network of about 60,000 routes based around 3,000 post offices – reaching 37 million French letterboxes on a daily basis.

AIMMS was chosen to optimize the type of vehicles needed to deliver at lower cost in the main cities of France, and to determine an optimal strategy for their delivery centers (that is, determining how many buildings are necessary and where they should be located).

To determine the best structure, the main cities of France (hundreds of thousands of inhabitants, thousands of kilometers of streets) were split in up to 2 thousand squares (hundreds of meters per side). Each square is characterized by multiple parameters (buildings, inhabitants, length of the streets, speeds of the vehicles, etc.).

According to Alain Roset, who’s in charge of the Foresight 2020 at La Poste: “AIMMS’ tools provide rapid and effective solutions, enabling La Poste to simulate the best scenarios according different hypotheses (market shares, service time to deliver, sizes of the parcels, carbon dioxide footprint, etc.). These simulations help La Poste choose the best strategy to deliver mail and parcels, find the best places for delivery post offices, and determine the best vehicles to reach delivery points. With these tools La Poste will provide the best quality with the optimal economic added value and a net zero carbon footprint.”


AIMMS is an innovative technology company with offices in The Netherlands, Seattle (US), Singapore and Shanghai. For over 20 years, the company has been developing and selling a unique mathematical optimization platform. AIMMS customers can create optimization engines and solutions that enable optimal decision making on complex strategic, tactical or operational problems.