KB000012 – Could not initialize DLL (needs update)

KB000014 – Making Excel Add-In work properly (Delete, or update to new situation with App Launcher)

KB000017 – Infeasible model

KB000018 – Math Program infeasible with presolve and feasible without presolve

KB000020 – Getting different results in subsequent solver runs

KB000021 – Solving MIP problems takes a long time (needs update)

KB000022 – Running out of memory (Delete, or update needed)

KB000023 – Long execution times/ bad performance (needs update)

KB000024 – Differences between a simple set, a compound set, and a relation

KB000025 – MIP solver does not use initial solution (needs update)

KB000026 – Save whole project under a different name (Needs update to AIMMS 4.x format by Chris)

KB000028 – XARCCM found too many rows

KB000031 – Calling AIMMS from other applications or other applications from AIMMS (Needs update, also include PRO API)

KB000037 – ECCN classification

KB000039 – AIMMS Error Report Service (needs update)

As part of its effort to improve the quality and reliability of AIMMS, AIMMS offers an AIMMS Error Report Service. This service means that whenever AIMMS encounters a severe internal error, it will initiate the process of generation of an Error Report. If that case the AIMMS user is asked to submit such a report to us. If you came into such a situation and you would like to know more about this service (before submitting your report), please read first the information below.

KB000052 – Step by step guide for offline activation of nodelock  (needs update)

This article shows you step by step how to activate a nodelock when offline.

KB000053 – How to link a solver to AIMMS  (needs update)

If you have license of a solver and your AIMMS license has the link to that solver, you can add that solver to your AIMMS. Currently, AIMMS provides links to the following solvers: CPLEX,GUROBI,XPRESS,MOSEK,PATH,SNOPT,MINOS

KB000071 – Step by step guide to switch from a personal to a machine nodelock (needs update)

This knowledge base article gives a step by step guide for converting a personal nodelock into a machine nodelock.

KB000073 – Warning: Unexpected error message when calling stored procedure with mySQL

Stored procedures with out or inout arguments may generate an error when called in a MySql database.