AIMMS Knowledge Base Article – KB000072

Warning: The data of intrinsic procedure … is not stored explicitly and therefore cannot be read or written

The information in this article applies to:

  • AIMMS 3.12


A new run-time check has been introduced making sure AIMMS will not try to read data from or write data from an intrinsic procedure.


When running any model developed in AIMMS 3.11 or earlier you might get this warning when running it in AIMMS 3.12


You have a read statement that tries fill up an intrinsic procedure with data or a write statement that tries to retrieve data from an intrinsic procedure. Please be aware that this could be (and very likely is in case this warning occurs after an update to AIMMS 3.12) caused by a procedure in AIMMS that happens to have the same name as a column in a database and a read or write statement being used without explicitly specifying which identifiers to read or write.


Change the read or write statement so that the procedure is no longer used, possibly by making the actual identifiers that you want to read from or write to explicit in the statement.


Last reviewed: 26-03-2012