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Step by step guide for offline activation of nodelock


Whenever AIMMS cannot make a connection to the internet license server to activate a nodelock, you will get the option for activating a nodelock offline. This knowledge base article will give a step by step guide for this proces.


After AIMMS is started, try to add a license by going to the license configuration window and press the Add button. This will give you the following screen:

In this screen you ┬áselect “Install a Single User AIMMS license” and press Next, which will give you the possibility of entering your license number:

Please type the license number in the text field and then press Next. In case AIMMS cannot determine that the license number you entered is a nodelock license, you will get an option screen that allows you to choose between the protection of the license: nodelock or USB dongle. In this case, please select nodelock. You will now be asked for the activation code, as shown in the following screen:

Please enter the activation code that you received with your license number in the textbox. After you are finished with that, press Next, which will try to contact our internet license server. In case your computer is not connected to the internet, or the communication with our internet license server is blocked, you will get the following screen after pressing Next:

In this screen, press “Use Offline Communication”, which will give you the following dialog:

In this dialog, select that you would like to use the Offline type of communication. Press the browse button to select a location on your hard disk where AIMMS will write the license request file to. When you have selected a location, press Next to continue.

Now AIMMS has generated a license request file. Remember the location where the file has been written to and press Finish. Now start a browser and go the offline activation address. The page should look similar to the following screenshot:

Press the browse button and select the Request file generated by AIMMS from the location taken from the previous step. Also provide your email address. The response file created will be sent to this address or in case something goes wrong, the notification will be sent to this address also. Please note that you can also download the generated response file from the website, after you press the Process button. Pressing this button will result in the following page:

As you can see, you can also download the response file here. In case of succes, the response file is also sent to the email address you provided in the previous step. Now that you have the response file, you can start AIMMS again and go to the license configuration, which by now should look similar to:

Select the license that you are activating and press the Activate button. This will give you the following dialog:

in which you have to provide AIMMS with the response file that was generated by the website. After you have selected the file, press Next. This should result in the following message, indicating that the license was activated successfully:

The license is now activated and ready for use.

Last reviewed: 09-12-2009
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