AIMMS Knowledge Base Article – KB000048

Error: This license does not allow the operation: “creating more than 100/200 identifiers”.

The information in this article applies to:

  • AIMMS 3


This error pops up when opening a large AIMMS application with the Free Student License or an Educational Package student license.


You are unable to open certain AIMMS applications.


The student licenses are restricted licenses. One of the restrictions is that they only allow applications to have a certain amount of identifiers.


In case the error mentions 100 identifiers as the limit, you can download a new free student license from our website or request your university contact for the details to activate a new student license, because the newest student license allows 200 identifiers. However,  in October 2010, we introduced the Free AIMMS Academic License (introduced October 2010). This license license gives unrestricted use of AIMMS at no charge and can be seen as the replacement of the Free Student License.

Alternatively, you could enquire at your university if they have already purchased an AIMMS Educational License package. The AIMMS Educational License package contains a network license that contains an unrestricted AIMMS license that can be used by an unlimited amount of users on the university network. Alternatively you can request a fully functional temporary trial license.

More information

Read more about the Free AIMMS Academic LicenseAIMMS Educational License package, the Free Student License, Requesting a Trial License, and our Commercial Pricing Structure.


Last reviewed: 30-06-2009