AIMMS Knowledge Base Article – KB000043

Dongle driver update required for AIMMS 3.8.4 or higher



AIMMS version 3.8.4 or higher cannot find the security dongle, because it requires an updated version of the dongle driver to be installed.


AIMMS version 3.8.4 or higher has been installed either as the first AIMMS version or as an upgrade for an older AIMMS version. After the installation, the security dongle is not / no longer recognized (key could not be found).


Since the release of AIMMS 3.8.4 or higher, a new Sentinel DLL is used to reach the dongle. This DLL needs a recent version of the Sentinel driver. However, the Sentinel driver is no longer a prerequisite of the AIMMS installation and therefore, no new driver version is installed.


The problem is resolved by installing a new version of the dongle driver. A recent version of the dongle driver which works with AIMMS 3.8.4 or higher can be downloaded from the “Third party software” area on the download page of our website (click on “All” to open info):


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Last reviewed: 13-05-2009