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AIMMS crashes when running “as-server”

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AIMMS crashes when the AIMMS COM object is called and the “as-server” argument of the ProjectOpen call is set to 1. This problem also appears when starting AIMMS via the command line using the “as-server” command line option.


AIMMS will crash immediately upon startup and will generate a dump file and the Error Report Service dialog box will be shown.


This problem is caused by a change in AIMMS, needed to reduce the usage of Windows resources when running AIMMS in “as-server” mode. This change did not work well in an internal AIMMS configuration which should not be used in combination with “as-server” mode, but the proper configuration was not enforced by AIMMS


The solution depends on the way AIMMS with the “as-server” option is used. If you are using the AIMMS COM object, the solution is to download the latest AIMMS Software Update. That version no longer exhibits this problem.

If you are starting AIMMS 3.8.5 via the command line using the “as-server” option, you should add “–ide-style-95” to the command line when using either AIMMS 3.8.5 version.

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Last reviewed: 19-12-2008
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