AIMMS Knowledge Base Article – KB000030


SyntaxEditor error when opening the model explorer in AIMMS



Opening the model explorer in AIMMS fails due to insufficient .NET access and execution rights.


When trying to open the model explorer in AIMMS (versions 3.7 or higher) the application shows an ‘Failed to create SyntaxEditor object’ dialog and after that a ‘Fatal application error’.


When the model explorer is opened for the first time, several .NET assemblies will be loaded into memory. The .NET framework can be configured to only allow execution of certain .NET assemblies. If the .NET assemblies loaded by AIMMS are not granted the `FullTrust’ security policy, a runtime error will result.


The .NET assemblies used by AIMMS should have the `FullTrust’ security policy. If the .NET security settings are set at the enterprise level, you should probably consult your IT department to grant the `FullTrust’ security policy to all assemblies in the AIMMS binary directory.

If you have administrative access to your machine, you can also grant these policies yourself by executing the following shell command: 

 cd %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727

 caspol -enterprise -addgroup 1 -url “file://c:/Program Files/Paragon Decision Technology/AIMMS 3.8/Bin/*” FullTrust

-name AIMMS_38


Last reviewed: 02-11-2006