AIMMS Knowledge Base Article – KB000029


Sentinel dongle not found after installing Sentinel Protection Installer 7.3.2



After upgrading to the latest AIMMS 3.6 version (or installing the latest version of the AIMMS 3.6 Network License Manager), the Sentinel dongle may not be recognized anymore. 


After upgrading to the latest AIMMS 3.6 version, the Sentinel dongle is not recognized anymore, and the querykey.exe program returns

             No key found. 


To ensure compatibility with AIMMS 3.7, AIMMS 3 versions higher than or equal to release 3.6.203 use the latest version of the Sentinel dongle drivers. All AIMMS versions prior to release 3.6.203 use an older version of these drivers. When upgrading to the latest AIMMS 3.6 version, the old driver is not properly uninstalled if other AIMMS versions (e.g. AIMMS 3.4/3.5) containing the older drivers are also installed on the machine.


To get the Sentinel dongle recognized again, download the latest version of the Sentinel Protection Installer from here, and remove your dongle. When running the installer, choose to remove the Sentinel Protection Installer (repair and modify will not solve the problem). After rebooting the computer, run the Sentinel Protection Installer again to properly install the latest Sentinel driver. When inserting your dongle, your dongle will now be recognized as a “Safenet USB SuperPro/UltraPro” device. After these steps, all AIMMS versions installed on your computer should recognize the Sentinel dongle again.


If you have an older version of AIMMS 3.6 installed, and want to upgrade to the latest AIMMS 3.6 release or to AIMMS 3.7, you should first uninstall your currently installed AIMMS 3.6 version manually to prevent the problems discussed in this Knowledge Base article.  


Last reviewed: 01-11-2006