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Save model as a text-file (ASCII-file)



You can save your model as a text file.


You have formulated a model in AIMMS, and you want to see the contents of the model file without using AIMMS. However, when you open the .amb file using a text-editor, you cannot read the model at all.


The .amb file is a binary file that cannot be opened in a text editor.


You can save your model (not the whole project) as an .aim file. Such a file contains your model in an ASCII representation. AIMMS can read and write both .amb and .aim files as a model file. You can save your model as an .aim file in the following way.

When you have opened your AIMMS project, open the model explorer. Go to File – Save As… Select the folder in which you want to save the file and insert a file name. Change ‘Save as type’ into ‘ASCII Model Files (*.aim) and click on ‘Save’. After this, you can open the file using a text-editor.

Starting from AIMMS 3.6 you can also view (parts of) your model within AIMMS as a text file without following the above-described steps. Instead you should do:

  • Open the model explorer (F8),
  • Select those nodes in the model tree for which you want to view all sub nodes,
  • Select View Flat Model from the View menu.

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Last reviewed: 19-12-2005