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Save whole project under a different name



You can save your whole project under a different name.


You changed the name of your project file, but the old name is still used for the .amb and .nch files, and the wrong .dat file is used. Or, you used the ‘Save As…’ item in the File menu, but that only saved the .amb file under a different name.


There is no ‘Save As’ function for the whole project because a complete project consists of several files.


In order to change the whole AIMMS project with name A under the name B you need to do the following:

  1. In Windows Explorer, rename A.prj, A.amb, A.dat and A.nch (when available) as B.prj, B.amb, B.dat and B.nch respectively.
  2. Open B.prj in AIMMS. You now get the message that A.amb is not found. Just answer OK at this point.
  3. Go to File – Open – Model and choose to open B.amb. You will be asked if you want to remove A.amb from the project; choose OK.
    After doing so, B.amb becomes the new model file associated to B.prj project file.
  4. The last (optional) step consists of changing the name of the root node in the model explorer. It used to have the name “Main A” and you can change it into “Main B” (or something else).

Note, that the location of the .amb file that is included in a project is saved in the .prj file, while the location of the .dat file is saved in the registry. Therefore, after changing A.prj into B.prj, the project file B.prj refers automatically to the Data Manager file B.dat (because a reference for B.prj did not yet exist in the registry). When you did not rename A.dat into B.dat, a new file B.dat is created and used in the project. If you want to use the data from A.dat (or any other .dat file), you can go to File – Open – Data File…, select the .dat file that you want to use, click on Open and choose Yes as the answer to “Do you want to use this Data Manager file the next time that you open this project?”.

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Last reviewed: 19-12-2005