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COM example does not work



When the COM object is not registered correctly, the AIMMS COM example will not work.


  • The COM example does not run at all, or
  • After the following steps the ‘Project’, ‘Profit’ and ‘Plane types’ fields are not filled with information:
    1. Start the AIMMS_COM_Example.exe that came with the AIMMS installation (in the “Examples\COM object” folder),
    2. Click Start AIMMS, and
    3. Click Solve Model.


    • In some cases a message about an old version of the file comctl32.ocx appears.


    There are several causes for this problem:

    • The COM object is not registered.
    • The solver configuration file is empty (or contains an error).
    • The file comctl32.ocx is not up-to-date.


    You can register the COM object yourself by running the file “Register AIMMSCOM” that can be found in the AIMMS Bin folder. After that, try the COM Object example again.

    If the AIMMS COM example still doesn’t work, it is possible that the solver configuration file is empty (or contains an error). In this case you should first startup AIMMS and open the solver configuration dialog (Settings – Solver Configuration) and add the necessary solvers.

    When you have AIMMS as a component version, you should use another license to create a working solver configuration file. After that, you can copy this .slv file and rename it for your component license. You can find this file in the following directory.

    • AIMMS 3.6 (and higher):
      C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Paragon Decision Technology\Config\3.X
    • AIMMS 3.5:
      C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Paragon Decision Technology\Config
    • AIMMS 3.4:
      C:\Program Files\Paragon Decision Technology\AIMMS 3.4\Config

    Now try the COM object example again.

    Another problem why the COM example might not work is because of an old version of the file comctl32.ocx. In this case a message about this old version will appear. Please contact your system administrator (or us) to get a newer version of this file and register it (regsvr32 comctl32.ocx).

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      Last reviewed: 18-11-2005