AIMMS Knowledge Base Article – KB000009

Problem with green dongle


The green dongle distributed with AIMMS 2.20 or early AIMMS 3 versions cannot be used in combination with Windows XP, or a ‘fast’ processor.


When you startup AIMMS, the following error message might occur:

        AIMMS Initialization Error: No hardware key found and no keyless license file found


The problem while running AIMMS on your computer with a green AIMMS dongle can have two probable causes. If you are using Windows XP, this is the cause of the problem. The green dongle does not work in combination with Windows XP. A ‘fast’ processor (>400MHz) in combination with a green AIMMS dongle may also generate problems.


If you are running Windows XP, we can physically replace your green AIMMS dongle with a new Sentinel dongle. The Sentinel dongle is known to be reliable on fast computers and does work in combination with Windows XP. In case you choose for a dongle replacement, please contact us at info@aimms.com  for the procedure for replacing a dongle. Starting from AIMMS 3.5 you can also get a node lock license, for more information about node lock licensing see the AIMMS 3.5 release notes.

When you have a ‘fast’ processor (not with Windows XP), you may be able to solve the problem using the following instructions, which modify some settings that affect the communication between AIMMS and the dongle driver.

  • Set SSI_ACT to a value that is sufficiently high. The maximum value is something like 1000, 1000, 1000. However, if you put them too high, you may notice some slowdown when the key is checked. You can set SSI_ACT by adding e.g. the line “set SSI_ACT=1000, 1000, 1000” to the file C:\autoexec.bat. Reboot and retry the dongle.
  • Verify the following: In the BIOS the mode of the parallel is set to Standard, SPP, or any other mode that is not in some way Enhanced (or a mode containing the letter E). According to the dongle supplier the enhanced modes may give problems. If you had to change this, please retry the dongle.
  • Verify whether you have the following program: In the directory C:\Program Files\Paragon Decision Technology\AIMMS 2.20\Key (or wherever else you installed AIMMS), the program DDINSTAL.EXE of the date 8/19/97. If you have an older version, please use the latest version. When you run it, it should say that driver version 8.15 is installed and running. If it doesn’t say this, press the Express button, reboot the computer and retry the dongle.
  • If the driver is installed, press the Custom button in DDINSTAL.EXE, subsequently press Parameters, check SSI_ACT and press Check Now. If it can find the key, it will turn up with some numbers in the fields above the button. Press OK, quit DDINSTAL, reboot and retry the dongle.
  • If that doesn’t help, add to the file C:\autoexec.bat the line set SSI_ACT=50, 50, 50. Reboot and retry the dongle.

If the above options do not suffice, we can physically replace your green AIMMS dongle. Contact us at info@paragon.nl  for the procedure for replacing a dongle.

More information

For more information, please contact us at support@aimms.com.

Last reviewed: 01-06-2005