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Error 2762 occurs during the installation

The information in this article applies to AIMMS 3.3.713 and earlier versions.



Error 2762 can occur during the installation of AIMMS in several scenarios. The error is harmless, the installation continues.


When you try to install InstallShield Developer, the following error message might occur:

        Error 2762: Cannot write script record. Transaction not started.

The Microsoft Windows Installer Service displays this error.


If installing on a Windows XP machine, this error can occur because of the MSXML 4 Merge Module that is included in the installation. These files are already installed on the Windows XP operating system by default, and therefore, causes the MSXML 4 merge module to produce this message.


The error is harmless, the AIMMS installation continues. Please use AIMMS release 3.3.773 or later to avoid the error message

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Last reviewed: 20-05-2005