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Error 2355 occurs during the installation



Error 2355 may occur during the installation of AIMMS, and can be caused by a bug in windows 2000 version prior to Service Pack 2, or by installation files that cannot be loaded.


When you try to install AIMMS, the following error message might occur:

        Internal Error: 2355.


There are different reasons why error 2355 could occur during installation. The error can occur when the setup program is unable to load all the installation files (.cab files) correctly. This could indicate a corrupt installation file, for example when it was only partially downloaded from the Internet.

This error could also occur on early Windows 2000 versions, because of a bug that has been fixed by Service Pack 2.


When the download is incomplete, try to download the installation executable again. You can verify whether the download was complete by comparing the total size of the file displayed when you start the download and the actual size of your setup.exe file. Incomplete downloads usually occur when downloading AIMMS over a slow Internet connection. You could try to use both the HTTP and the FTP link to download AIMMS from our website.

When using Windows 2000, make sure you have at least Service Pack 2 installed. A workaround for this particular problem is to install AIMMS from hard disk instead of CD-rom.

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Last reviewed: 10-02-2006