AIMMS Knowledge Base Article – KB000002

Windows Installer cannot be found


The installation of AIMMS may fail when the Windows Installer software cannot be found. Downloading the latest Windows Installer version will solve the problem.


When you try to install AIMMS, the following error message might occur:

An error occurred while downloading the file

Alternatively, you may observe other errors regarding Windows Installer, msiexec.exe, instmsiw.exe, instmsia.exe, or isscript8.msi.


All AIMMS 3 packages are provided in the form of Windows Installer packages. Our installer will attempt to download the necessary files for the Windows Installer software. When these files cannot be found, an error may occur. The problem may be caused by not having an Internet connection, problems with the Internet connection, or a (temporary) problem with the server where the files are located.


You should manually download the files here and install the necessary components. After that you need to rerun the installation.

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Last reviewed: 10-02-2006