JBS is the largest animal protein processing company in the world, working in the areas of food, leather, products for pets, biodiesel, collagen, cans and cleaning products. The company is present in all continents with production platforms and offices in Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Australia, the USA, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, China, and Russia. It has 140 production units worldwide and more than 120,000 employees.

JBS uses AIMMS PRO to optimize various core processes of their organization. The company has worked with AIMMS implementation partner UniSoma roll out various solutions to their supply chain, starting with their application OCC (In Natura Meat Chain Planning Optimizer), OCI (Processed Meat Chain Planning Optimizer) and PDC (Slaughterhouses’ Daily Programing).

The intent of JBS is to not only support and enrich its own organization with technology-based optimization solutions, but also to roll out optimization into subsidiaries like Vigor (dairy), Frangosul (chicken) and Swift (US-based food processing).

Joao Batista Rocha de Souza, Integrated Planning Manager at JBS, explains: “Thanks to the flexibility of AIMMS, the evolution of OCC and the development of new optimization modules (like OCI and PDC) can be done with the agility compatible to the dynamism of our company and its market. With the adoption of AIMMS PRO, JBS will make the best use of a corporate solution that brings optimization to business users through a central enterprise app store.”

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