Happy new year on behalf of all of us at AIMMS. We are grateful to have welcomed many new clients last year and look forward to continue working with all of you in 2015!

We are kicking off the New Year with some exciting product releases including:

AIMMS 4.3: Introduction of Web UI and Parallelization

Improvements to AIMMS 4.3 include four new key features:

  • A development environment for creating a web-based UI around your AIMMS model, to be hosted through the AIMMS PRO platform.
  • Installation-free executables from version 4.3 onwards. Installers will no longer be available.
  • An installation-free AIMMS Launcher
  • Parallelization of the AIMMS runtime engine. By parallelizing calculations in AIMMS models computation times can be significantly reduced.

AIMMS PRO 2.0: Web UI and Increased Capacity by using Multiple Servers

Improvements to AIMMS PRO 2.0 include three new key features

  • AIMMS PRO 2.0 can be used on a cluster of computers, providing
    • increased capacity through the scale-out of server sessions on the nodes of the cluster,
    • failover capabilities,
    • increased availability.
  • The ability to host web-based UI end-user sessions, for AIMMS projects which include a web-based UI.
  • Improved delivery of the PRO plugin, required to run AIMMS PRO desktop clients. This eliminates problems many users experienced in environments with roaming user profiles.

Two core benefits of these product releases are:

  • The ability to develop and deploy state-of-the-art WebUI Apps. Once published on AIMMS PRO, they are fully customizable by the end-user and offer great reporting on any device. The Web Apps enable you to bring optimization benefits to every corner of your organization and reduce the develop time of App building through its ingenious flexible widgets and autoscale feature.
  • The ability to setup a AIMMS PRO Cluster. Such a cluster allows you to easily scale up your capacity to serve many more users in your organization at the same time. Simply put, you can extend your central optimization capacity by adding servers at the back-end such that more optimization requests can be handled, thus lowering queue times. Ideal for customers that serve many requests at the same time.

Download AIMMS 4.3 and AIMMS PRO 2 here.