Haarlem (The Netherlands) – Gertjan de Lange (31) has been appointed the Chief Commercial Officer of Paragon Decision Technology, the decision support software company that was recently acquired by WARP}. Gertjan de Lange rejoins Paragon after an absence of three years and now leads Sales & Marketing for the company.

Gertjan de Lange has eight years of working experience in operations research and ICT Consultancy. Before his recent appointed as CCO at Paragon, Gertjan was working as a sales & account manager for one of the largest ICT companies in Europe (LogicaCMG). His earlier experience, after receiving a master’s degree in applied mathematics from the Technical University of Twente, was also with us at Paragon where he worked, from 1995-2000, as a application development consultant (for companies such as Heineken, Shell, BP, and ABN-AMRO), as a support manager, and as a sales manager.

With his reappointment, Gertjan de Lange strengthens Paragon’s management capabilities and commercial skills as part of their aim to bring the company to a new phase. While maintaining our leading position as a provider of an advanced decision support and operations research modeling environment, Paragon intends to extend its market position through the development of new distribution channels and industry-specific partnerships that will deliver decision support solutions to selected vertical markets.