Gartner-logoA new Gartner Report, Use Cases for an Enterprise Supply Chain Modeling Platform, highlights how companies are already using modeling platforms to explore options and choose scenarios tailored to their strategy and business objectives.  Interviews with AIMMS, as well as three AIMMS customers (BP, JBS and Papyrus), contributed to this new report that included benefits from using modeling platforms, lessons learned and recommendations.

The report outlines the three key supply chain improvement challenges that companies face today:

  • “Today’s standard packaged planning applications often create a high threshold to innovation, and constraints in deployment speed”
  • “Continuous modeling” requires flexibility and experimental approaches, which predominantly are not part of current planning systems”
  • “Companies are facing a lack of ability to generate best possible, or even just feasible sets of action by concepts of simulation and trade-offs”

Many companies are finding that their existing packaged applications such as ERP or Supply Chain Management systems simply do not have the flexibility to support emerging supply chain needs. 

The key benefits mentioned by those using Supply Chain Modeling Platforms included:

  • Business Innovation
  • Speed to Realization
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Cost Reduction
  • Efficiency Improvement

The case studies provided practical insights into how the AIMMS modeling platform was used to drive supply chain innovation and create the right balance between flexibility and control.  The examples included:

1) Redesigning an entire supply chain,

2) Integrating mid-term and short-term planning and

3) Targeting multi-horizon operating models.

Gartner states three components that build the foundation of such modeling platforms: first the provisioning of mathematical optimization techniques, algorithms & solvers, second a deployment environment and third the enterprise ‘app store’ for easily deploying the new business apps to users.

Only AIMMS has these three components in place and in daily use across our client base of Fortune 500 clients.  Over half of the Fortune Top 20 companies use AIMMS.

You can read the report on the Gartner web site or please contact us for additional information.

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