AIMMS clients face a full range of challenges and require agile solutions. They believe in optimization and the ease with which AIMMS technologies bring optimization into their operations.

Take a look at what some of our clients have told us about their use of AIMMS and AIMMS PRO:

Cenk Arslan, VP Business Development & Information Systems at Horoz Logistics says “AIMMS has clearly excelled the competition; especially by means of your vision to provide a capable, yet easy to use platform to address real life problems. A real solution in business life corresponds to efficiency and a solid financial return to your business. This is exactly what we achieved with AIMMS in our business”

Norman Jerome, Sr. Research Associate at BP USA says “AIMMS’ unique ability to assign Units of Measure to all variables and parameters in our models, and then to ensure dimensional consistency on all expressions, has saved us days of development work to assure our models and data are properly scaled and defined. In addition, AIMMS then allows the end user to select between different units of measure (such as English or Metric) for data display and entry and AIMMS automatically handles conversions between them. This is a tremendously useful feature.

We work in a dynamic and international environment, where different users in different regions have strong local preferences for different sets of units of measure. AIMMS’ ability to automatically shift display between these set of units of measure allows us to readily accommodate our users, greatly increasing user acceptance, while still ensuring the data consistency and correctness that is essential to producing correct results and capturing the full benefits from our use of optimization.”

AstralAndries Steyn, Project Coordinator for Astral Foods says “AIMMS PRO allows optimization to become a corporate solution instead of just a technical tool. The transparent licensing, updating of applications, and optimization that is done on the server eliminates the need to micro-manage users. In the end, it simply makes implementation faster and easier.”

Jorge Guillén, Managing Director at CLH Aviación says “The advantage of selecting AIMMS is that the models are owned by CLH and working together with Baobab and CQM, we will develop models that are perfectly fitted to our company. This provides us with the best optimization solutions for our planning. Off the shelf solutions that are modified to our company will not give us the same value.”

KnaufDavide Maiello, Head of Business Intelligence Europe & CIS at Knauf Insulation says “We couldn’t find a decision support tool in the market that could map our unique business model in a fast and flexible way until we met AIMMS. After a one-hour product demonstration we were convinced that we needed their product. Within seconds, AIMMS was able to find the optimal, most holistic solution for our demand allocation process, as well as reduce costs and minimize our carbon footprint.”

images-2Eduardo M. Milanez, Director at UniSoma says “AIMMS’ agile and user friendly development environment allows UniSoma to create a complex Optimization System in record time. Thanks to the GUI functionalities and the ready to use solver links, UniSoma is able to focus on building a robust mathematical model, instead of having to develop software infrastructure. After a first functional prototype construction, future expansion is easy to develop and test with AIMMS’ algebraic language, leading to an ongoing evolution of both model and system.”

alstomDavid Sun, Manager of Central Markets Applications at Alstom Transmission & Distribution 
says “AIMMS has provided us with the competitive edge to become and stay the leader in energy management solutions.”