MedWeb CEO Jan Pieter Gallas and AIMMS VP EMEA Christophe Frère

MedWeb CEO Jan Pieter Gallas and AIMMS VP EMEA Christophe Frère

MedSpace is an online timesheet application for medical specialists that lets you easily create and manage work schedules. The tool lets doctors import their holiday schedule, trainings and availability in a matter of seconds. MedSpace also supports synchronization on mobile, allowing doctors to add data on the go. Hospitals and clinics can then leverage MedSpace and its user friendly interface to create rosters for their entire institution based on the available data. Benefits include convenience and transparency, as well as time savings. On average, institutions using MedSpace save 50% more time while creating their rosters.

MedSpace is currently used by more than 200 institutions in The Netherlands alone. MedWeb Development Lab, the creators of MedSpace, started building the application in 2005 but the idea itself was born back in 1995 in the midst of the internet boom.

AIMMS models, the engine under the hood

The MedSpace team decided to leverage AIMMS-based models in order to manage the complexity of multiple schedules and help users spread work hours evenly for all doctors in an institution. Some doctors work 80% of the week, so they are expected to work 80% of the shifts. The AIMMS model makes it easy to distribute shifts in a fair way. Doing this manually would take considerably more time and would make doctors feel like they are not being treated equally. An automated system takes care of the hassle.

A bridge to happier doctors

Most healthcare institutions still manage their schedules manually and are not entirely open to automating the process. To encourage trials and industry adoption, MedSpace comes with a 6-month money back guarantee. However, it has never been used. MedSpace customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with the tool, as evinced by their reviews. Jan Pieter Gallas, CEO of MedWeb: “MedSpace not only saves a lot of time, it offers a lot of comfort to the teams of specialists. Our next step is to automate more of the rostering process. In the Netherlands and Belgium MedSpace is already a success, in Germany the first clients have started this spring with MedWeb Dienstplan, as MedSpace is being called there.”