Haarlem/Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – In February 2004, CQM and Paragon signed the AIMMS Service Partnership Agreement. CQM has already been using the AIMMS modeling system for almost 10 years, providing a service to their clients in both application development and consultancy areas.

Two examples of the usage of AIMMS by CQM are design optimization projects using COMPACT and transport optimization for European courier companies using PlanNet. Both solutions are modeled using AIMMS software.

The partnership of CQM and Paragon is expected to result in the execution of joint projects and developments in which CQM brings their consultancy experience and Paragon delivers the standard optimization tool. The combined experience should result in an ongoing improvement of CQM’s services and the AIMMS’ software.

About CQM

The consultancy firm CQM was founded in 1979 and provide a service to industry, the government, and research establishments. Its high-quality knowledge of quantitative modeling enables it to operate in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing
  • Research & Development
  • Supply chain modeling
  • Transport and distribution
  • Traffic and public transportation
  • Financial services

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