Oil & Gas


Reliance Industries Limited

At Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), a private sector enterprise that operates the world’s largest refinery in a single location (1.24 Mio bbl/d), the planning and scheduling of crudes are margin critical, resource intensive and complex processes.

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NAM – Gasunie

The time needed for evaluating alternative plans to meet fluctuating market demand for gas has been slashed from weeks to hours by an innovative AIMMS-based decision-support tool. The tool has helped to identify reductions in development costs of over $137 million for Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) and its customer, Gasunie, for gas production and transport projects in The Netherlands.

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Woodside Energy

An AIMMS-based production optimization tool, built and developed with the help of Shell Global Solutions, has added millions of dollars to the bottom line of Woodside Energy Ltd. in its first year of use.

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Petrobras, Brazil’s leading Energy Company, has several Oil & Gas fields in the Campos basin. The fields are explored by more than 30 oil platforms and the produced gas is delivered onshore for selling or used at the platforms, to generate energy or to be reinjected in order to support and enhance oil production.

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INEOS Köln achieved over 90% Plant Utilization through the use of an AIMMS optimization model to aid decision-making related to the steam cracking process.

After implementing the AIMMS-based DISPO system, INEOS Köln became one of the most effective petrochemical sites for the company.

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Shell: Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU)

SHARCTM is an advanced model developed in AIMMS and currently used in more than 35 refineries. SHARC has been instrumental in improving the performance of FCCUs advised by Shell which have seen their profitability improve by $0.10–0.30 per barrel of feed as a consequence of using SHARC. In an average unit this can equate to an annual margin increase of $2-3 million.

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Shell: Fleet Planning

Shell International Trading and Shipping Company had over 25 LNG (gas) carriers in construction, which were scheduled to receive a brand new crew consisting of 12 officers of different ranks, and needed a fleet planning program.

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