Suzano Pulp and Paper, a subsidiary of Suzano Holding and part of the Suzano Group, is one of the largest vertically integrated eucalyptus forestry, pulp and paper producers in Latin America. It has invested in the pulp and paper industry for over 90 years and its global operations span approximately 60 countries. The company has an annual pulp and paper production capacity of 4.7 million tons.

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Jarí Celulose

A potential reduction of 60% of wood movement at the Munguba Yard, amongst other direct and indirect gains were realized by Jarí Celulose with the implementation of a central supply logistics system.

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Graboplast Rt

Graboplast Rt used AIMMS to reduce the time necessary between order acceptance and fulfilment to no more than 10 days, without maintaining extensive finished product stock and extended storage facility.

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Specialists of CQM and Sapa will be working closely together to develop a tailor-made metal planning model and user interface in AIMMS. This will enable experts of Sapa to fully understand the dynamics of the model and planning results. Further, they will be trained to make changes to the input and the AIMMS user interface.

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