Bellevue (USA) / Haarlem (The Netherlands) - AREVA T&D’s Automation & Information Systems business unit in the US and Paragon Decision Technology have entered into a 3-year Business Agreement.

Since the mid-nineties, the use of AIMMS has given AREVA T&D’s Automation Market Systems Group the competitive edge to become the market leader in Market Management Systems. Developing solutions with AIMMS, AREVA T&D has outperformed its competitors considerably and constantly with regard to time-to-market and the quality of its systems. Because of the structured and intuitive nature of the AIMMS development environment, AIMMS-based systems are developed with fewer resources and in less time. The systems better match customer’s requirements, because with AIMMS it is easy to give the end-user insight during the development cycles.

The Business Agreement aims to intensify the existing close cooperation between AREVA T&D and Paragon:

“AIMMS has been of great value to AREVA T&D’s business. The use of AIMMS and Operations Research will provide our business groups with the means to shift paradigms in their markets and create decisive competitive edges. This Business Agreement has been signed to facilitate just that.” says J.D. Hammerly, North America Vice President, AREVA T&D’s Automation & Information Systems Business Unit.

“AREVA is a formidable customer. Their professionals are the best in the industry, doing incredible things with AIMMS in a very demanding environment. We are honoured that AIMMS plays an essential role in AREVA’s business success and we are very pleased with AREVA’s recognition of our role by signing this Business Partnership Agreement” says Gijs Dullaert, CEO of Paragon Decision Technology.

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