moptalogoIt is our pleasure to announce that the finalists of this year’s AIMMS-MOPTA Modeling Competition have been chosen! The finalists are:

1. Team DOM of the University of Twente

  • Members: Victor Reijnders, Martijn Schoot Uiterkamp, and Mike Visser
  • Advisor: Bodo Manthey

2. Team RensPolymathela of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Members: Xin Shen and Jubiao Yang
  • Advisor: John Mitchell

Problem Description

This year’s challenge revolves around Project Portfolio Management. Large companies address grand challenges by completing a multitude of projects. For instance, developing an innovative new product may require completing dozens of projects, possibly spanning several phases. Companies are likely to develop several new products at the same time, given the risk of delays or failures on each project, and the need to adapt products to an ever changing marketplace. In the present case, both teams have to create a working model in order to assist management with the selection of projects to pursue, over a three-year horizon, subject to risk constraints.


The prize will be awarded at this year’s MOPTA conference, taking place from July 20-22 at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Each finalist team will receive free registration for the conference for up to two team members. In addition, a cash prize will be awarded to the team that wins the overall competition.