ISO New England is the region’s first Independent System Operator. They plan, manage, and operate New England’s bulk electricity supply facilities and administer the region’s wholesale bulk power market.

ISO New England Situation

Due to the deregulation of the utility industry in New England, Alstom Grid / ISO New England needed an energy management system (EMS) that could integrate with the power exchange and meet the needs of the new environment in a relatively short period of time.


ALSTOM ESCA provided a newly developed, distributed platform fully integrated with the EMS. In addition to extensive changes to the EMS functionality, this solution includes a bids clearing platform, based on ALSTOM ESCA’s Scheduling, Pricing and Dispatch (SPD) system. ALSTOM ESCA also created a Web-based publishing system where different views of the market systems can be securely presented within different groups of the ISO. A bidding system was also created, allowing bids for the energy and ancillary markets to be submitted to the ISO. In addition to the online system, ALSTOM ESCA has developed a Markets Simulator, which can be used by the ISO or market participants, to study the effect of bids and other market parameters on the overall operation of the New England market and its power system.

The Advantage to ISO New England: Fully-Integrated System in Record Time

Working together, ALSTOM ESCA and ISO New England were able to design and implement a system that fit ISO New England’s needs within an eight-month period. As the Market evolves, ISO New England is well positioned to adjust and fine tune this platform.

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Source Case Study: AREVA Transmission & Distribution (formerly an Alstom Corporation)