Quotes of our customers

Read what our customers say about AIMMS:

“Kepler embraces optimization by using the AIMMS platform to generate solutions that provide significant business value to our clients. Kepler is currently developing a series of large-scale, complex solutions for clients using our Resource Allocation Model (RAM). A recent success was the development of a model that optimally assigned resources to fulfill critical mission requirements for a DoD Service. The model dealt with close to a million variables and constraints; dramatically reducing the time to schedule and deploy a large workforce.”
Dan Markowitz, Kepler Research, Woodbridge, VA, USA – Vice President Advance Programs

“Technology from AIMMS is a strategic component of Viridity Energy’s unique software solution, VPower™. VPower™ works within the existing operations of large energy users to give them the optimal demand management strategy to reduce their overall energy spend. AIMMS provides the computing engine associated with linear and non-linear computations that are a key component of Viridity Energy’s optimization process. With support from AIMMS, VPower™ can give our customers customized decision-making tools to align their operations with load management strategies, turning sustainability into a smart economic choice.”
Audrey Zibelman, , ViridityEnergy, www.ViridityEnergy.com, Philadelphia – CEO & Founder

“AIMMS’ unique ability to assign Units of Measure to all variables and parameters in our models, and then to ensure dimensional consistency on all expressions, has saved us days of development work to assure our models and data are properly scaled and defined. In addition, AIMMS then allows the end user to select between different units of measure (such as English or Metric) for data display and entry and AIMMS automatically handles conversions between them. This is a tremendously useful feature. We work in a dynamic and international environment, where different users in different regions have strong local preferences for different sets of units of measure. AIMMS’ ability to automatically shift display between these set of units of measure allows us to readily accommodate our users, greatly increasing user acceptance, while still ensuring the data consistency and correctness that is essential to producing correct results and capturing the full benefits from our use of optimization.”
Norman Jerome, BP, USA – Sr. Research Associate

“The advantage of selecting AIMMS is that the models are owned by CLH and working together with Baobab and CQM, we will develop models that are perfectly fitted to our company. This provides us with the best optimization solutions for our planning. Off the shelf solutions that are modified to our company will not give us the same value. ”
Jorge Guillén, CLH Aviación, Spain – Managing Director

“We believe in the benefits of applied mathematical optimization in the healthcare sector because these applications can produce bottom line benefits that lead to improvements in patient services and employee satisfaction. Using AIMMS, our customers are now equipped to make better decisions on a daily basis that directly improve patient care through programs such as operation room & bed capacity optimization.”
Erik-Jan Vlieger, KMPG Plexus, Netherlands – Managing Partner

“We couldn’t find a decision support tool in the market that could map our unique business model in a fast and flexible way until we met AIMMS. After a one-hour product demonstration we were convinced that we needed their product AIMMS. Within seconds, AIMMS was able to find the optimal, most holistic solution for our demand allocation process, as well as reduce costs and minimize our carbon footprint.”
Davide Maiello, Knauf Insulation, Europe – Head of Business Intelligence Europe & CIS

“In my job I have two core activities: research & education. For both activities I use AIMMS very extensively: from new ideas it is not a big step towards implemented and working models”
Hein Fleuren, CentER Applied Research, Tilburg University, CentER Applied Research, Tilburg University, Tilburg, The Netherlands – Professor

“We are currently using AIMMS as an educational optimization tool for exercises and projects in operations research, supply chain management and transportation management. The main reason for this choice is probably the friendliness of the user-interfaces, which are appropriate for introductory courses.”
Prof. Yves Crama, HEC Management School of the University of Liège, Liège -

“We required a cost effective platform for our mathematical modeling and found AIMMS to suit our and our client’s needs best. The product is scalable and its reporting capability makes it very easy to present complex results in easily understandable ways. It allows the flexibility to build complex models within a framework that manages the modeling process.”
Anton du Plooy, ETP, Johannesburg – CEO

“AIMMS’ agile and user friendly development environment allows UniSoma to create a complex Optimization System in record time. Thanks to the GUI functionalities and the ready to use solver links, UniSoma is able to focus on building a robust mathematical model, instead of having to develop software infrastructure. After a first functional prototype construction, future expansion is easy to develop and test with AIMMS’ algebraic language, leading to an ongoing evolution of both model and system.”
Eduardo M. Milanez, UniSoma, São Paulo, Brazil – Director

“AIMMS has a great interface and its programming language is very simple. I developed a two-stage stochastic model in AIMMS, and the tool met all my expectations. Although stochastic programming is a relatively new subject and many commercial modeling systems are not ready yet to meet this new demand, AIMMS seems an excellent tool for optimization under uncertainty.”
Gabriela Ribas, Pontificia Universidade Catolica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -

“AIMMS is a very powerful tool that enables the efficient development of state-of-the-art decision support solutions. In many situations it is necessary to enhance the standard models with customer-specific features. In contrast to the standard advanced planning solutions in the market, AIMMS offers the flexibility to modify and test new models in a very short period of time. Our customers benefit from this by significantly reduced project times and lower costs.”
Dr. Tore Grünert, GTS, Germany – General Manager

“AIMMS has clearly excelled the competition; especially by means of your vision to provide a capable, yet easy to use platform to address real life problems. A real solution in business life corresponds to efficiency and a solid financial return to your business. This is exactly what we achieved with AIMMS in our business”
Cenk Arslan, Horoz Logistics, Istanbul, Turkey – VP Business Development & Information Systems

“AIMMS is quite a unique tool. It combines ease-of-use with the ability to create very advanced optimization models. AIMMS’ slick user interface and very well written documentation & tutorials will significantly reduce your learning curve, even when you did not use optimization tools before. I would specifically like to mention the very friendly customer support. AIMMS consultants from AIMMS not only answered our questions, but also helped us to build our first models.”
Lev Virine, Schlumberger, Calgary, Canada – Value and Risk Product Development

“AIMMS provides exact first and second derivative calculations in an efficient manner using advanced automatic differentiation techniques. Having access to accurate and efficient derivative calculations is an essential ingredient in achieving good performance for nonlinear optimization software codes such as KNITRO.”
Richard Waltz, Ziena Optimization (KNITRO), Evanston, IL, USA – President

“AIMMS enables one to easily show large and diverse datasets in graphs and tables, to easily select variables or parameters and to easily create one’s own datasets or graphs. It combines user friendliness with visual attractiveness.”
Koen Smekens, ECN, Petten, The Netherlands -

“Our summer interns are programming productively, on their own, after only 1 day of going through the AIMMS tutorials. I even enjoy AIMMS during my vacation; something I have not had the urge to do before with other modeling tools.”
Scott Bury, The DOW Chemical Company, Freeport, TX, USA – Senior Engineering Specialist

“It’s me to thank you for your patient help and straightforward solution. You can be sure I’m continuing using AIMMS as I really like this software – quite aside from your extraordinary support (and if I write “extraordinary” I know what I’m talking about, because I was the person responsible for computers in our institute during several years).”
Martin Brugger, ETH Zurich, Institute for Environmental Decisions, Zurich, Switzerland – Agricultural Economist

“The AIMMS-based Optimizer developed by UniSoma is the “heart” of the System and the most important component of the project. It optimizes demand based on customer profitability – a request which we did not find in any standard package – indicating the most lucrative flat steel customers for CST and ‘Vega do Sul’.”
Marcia Schwarz de Assis, CST (Arcelor Mittal), Vitoria, Brazil – CST´s Project Manager

“I am both impressed with AIMMS and overwhelmed. I’m truly amazed at the extent of its development capabilities – especially with respect to ‘the user’ and overwhelmed at just how much it can do.”
Ted Helvoigt, ECONorthwest, Eugene, OR, USA – Economist

“AIMMS provides for a great experience in mathematical modeling and analysis – through the stages of building, testing and deployment. I am a strong proponent of AIMMS!”
Dr. Jayanth Balasubramanian, Fairfax, VA, USA -

“Overall, AIMMS helps Merck maximize the value throughput of the pipeline and rationalize and optimize resource allocation to support this strategy. ”
Lifei Cheng, Merck & Co, Pennsylvania, USA – Associate Manager CPM

“Thanks to AIMMS’ algebraic language and its GUI components, UniSoma was able to represent the complete decision-making process for the energy and utilities balance in less than four months. This prototype was then used in the deployment of a dynamic planning system currently used by a major Brazilian steel company (CST).”
Eduardo M. Milanez, UniSoma, São Paulo, Brazil – Director

“Next to the state-of-the-art solvers that are available, COMPACT has been implemented in AIMMS because of AIMMS’ Graphical User Interface. It enabled us to make COMPACT easily accessible for users with varying backgrounds. ”
Erwin Stinstra, CQM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands – Consultant Product and Process Improvement

“AIMMS has provided us with the competitive edge to become and stay the leader in energy management solutions.”
David Sun, Areva Transmission & Distribution, Bellevue, USA – Manager of Central Markets Applications

“I like the tree structure of AIMMS, which enables you to see the overall structure of the model. The way you can move around the model with a click of a mouse is particularly useful. This is the easiest way I’ve ever seen of coding and debugging an optimization or equilibrium model.”
Benjamin Hobbs, Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, USA – Professor

“Yours has been the best support organization of many different OR packages I have used. I chose AIMMS over others, despite my knowledge of them from school, because yours seemed the most robust and friendliest for input, design and output. I am glad I made this choice.”
Keith Gardner, The Lewin Group, Virginia, USA – Consultant

“AIMMS is a high quality modeling system with excellent professional back-up. It enabled us to create an intuitive, interactive platform for a large decision support system. Thanks to the AIMMS GUI design tool, the flexible interface that is now used by many forest planners makes it easy to concentrate on what’s important – identifying forest management problems and developing strategies.”
Rob Davis, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Canada – Forestry Specialist

“Software development requires four tasks: definition, design, implementation and testing. When using AIMMS, the focus is on definition. The result is an implementation which can be immediately tested. I now spend the majority of my time working on the customer’s problem, and verifying that we have got the requirements correct. My job is now that of an applications engineer, rather than a software engineer. One of our customers stated that our recent project with them (using AIMMS) was the first software project in their history not to have generated a single Software Problem Report”
Dan Streiffert, Areva Transmission & Distribution, Bellevue, USA – Energy Specialist

“AIMMS is a superbly designed and engineered modeling system that allows the user to concentrate on solving the problem at hand. We have successfully used AIMMS as a tool to rapidly develop, demonstrate and deploy complex decision support applications. Among its outstanding features are scalability, exceptional GUI design capabilities, and multiple solver capability. The support provided by the AIMMS staff is timely and invaluable; their manuals are detailed and thorough, and can be used as textbooks by those new to the field. AIMMS is rich in capabilities for those looking to continually modify and improve upon their applications. We would wholeheartedly recommend AIMMS to the beginner as well as to the accomplished practitioner in the field of Operations Research.”
Ranjan Ghosal, Optimal Solutions Inc., Indiana, USA – Process Industry Specialist