Welcome to the AIMMS WebUI Tutorial Series. Through this series we will show you how to use the AIMMS WebUI, how to create a nice WebUI for your own model and, for those who want to, we will even show you how you can create your very own widgets.

In order for everybody to make the most out of these series and get everybody up-to-speed as quick as possible, we have split this tutorial series into three sections. Each section will have a specific target audience and prerequisite knowledge:

  1. AIMMS WebUI End-user Tutorials

    These tutorials focus on how to use the AIMMS WebUI. They are targeted at the end-user of AIMMS WebUI apps, but they are a good read for anyone interested in using or developing AIMMS WebUI apps.

    Prerequisite knowledge: None.

  2. AIMMS WebUI App-dev Tutorials

    These tutorials are written for those who wish to create nice looking WebUI apps for their AIMMS models.

    Prerequisite knowledge:

    • AIMMS Modeling environment,
    • (some of the) AIMMS WebUI End-user tutorials,
    • some CSS knowledge (optional)

  3. AIMMS WebUI Dev Tutorials

    The AIMMS WebUI dev tutorials are intended for people who wish to extend the existing WebUI functionality. For instance creating your own widgets.

    Prerequisite knowledge:

    • Basic HTML5 knowledge (Javascript, CSS, HTML, …),
    • (some of the) AIMMS WebUI End-user tutorials,
    • (some of the) AIMMS WebUI App-dev tutorials.