“AIMMS PRO allows optimization to become a corporate solution instead of just a technical tool. The transparent licensing, updating of applications, and optimization that is done on the server eliminates the need to micro-manage users. In the end, it simply makes implementation faster and easier.”
Andries Steyn – Project Coordinator – Astral Foods

‘EasyJet embraces optimization by using the AIMMS PRO platform in order to generate significant business value’.
Carolyn McCall – CEO, easyJet

“The simplicity and ease of browser-based access to our AIMMS tools provided by AIMMS PRO has removed a significant entry barrier for our user community. A brand new user can now simply click on a web page and literally in 5 minutes have an AIMMS optimization model loaded and running on his local machine. (…)

With AIMMS PRO (..) we have cut our response-time for serving urgent user requests to a matter of hours.

(…) in the first three months since migrating to AIMMS Pro, we have seen our user base expand five-fold for one of our core scheduling applications. And with so many new eyes reviewing this application, the data are more reliable, and we are producing better schedules than ever before.” [For full BP testimonial on AIMMS PRO, click here]
Norman Jerome – Aromatics Business Optimization Advisor – BP, plc.

“AIMMS has brought the deployment of Optimization Solutions to another level. We are enthusiastic about AIMMS PRO and have already implemented it with two of our clients (Astral Foods and CSN). Our customers see AIMMS PRO as the New Framework that will become their optimization back-bone.”
Volnei dos Santos – Partner – UniSoma

“With AIMMS PRO, AIMMS has added an exceptional tool to manage the workflow of optimization solutions, providing instant value for our customers when rolling out our AIMMS-based solutions. Not only does this help us to be more efficient, but our customers can reap the benefits of our solutions faster. We are excited to partner with AIMMS in the release of AIMMS PRO.”
Eduardo Milanez- Partner – UniSoma

“From a developer’s point of view, AIMMS PRO has allowed us to deliver even more value to our customers. The challenges of having to manage large end-user environments have been replaced with fast-paced updating and publishing. The AIMMS PRO tool should become standard in every corporate planning environment.”
Luis Pinto – Development Manager – UniSoma