Overview of AIMMS PRO Platform

We envision that the AIMMS PRO Platform will become your collaboration platform for true interactive optimization-based decision making, leading to better decisions and, therefore, better bottom-line results. AIMMS PRO provides you with a great set of features to start this collaboration now, and we are continuously developing new features to enhance your optimization experience in the years to come.

  • The AIMMS PRO Portal provides a central control point for various users:
    • Developers can upload/manage/start applications
    • End-users can start AIMMS Applications through an Apps list
    • End-users can watch and interact with jobs that are running on the server
    • IT can upload/manage AIMMS versions
    • IT can manage users and user rights
    • IT can connect user management to Active Directory
    • IT can assign special publication rights to users
    • Statistics are available throughout the portal

    • Optimization runs initiated by end-users (jobs) are auto-queued and processed based on capacity and priority rules.
    • All licensing is arranged centrally with special AIMMS PRO licenses: AIMMS PRO Clients (required to start Apps), and AIMMS PRO Server Sessions (required to execute optimization runs). The number of PRO Clients and PRO Server Sessions can be extended to increase the reach and/or calculation power.
    • The AIMMS PRO Portal runs in the Internet Explorer 8+ (Statistics 9+), Chrome, Firefox, or Opera web browser.
    • To be able to run AIMMS Applications through the portal, Windows XP or higher (32 or 64-bit) is required.
    • The AIMMS PRO Platform requires one or more Windows 64-bit Server for installation and running the AIMMS PRO Sessions via the AIMMS PRO Cluster (PRO 2.0 and higher).

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