AIMMS PRO 2.0 can be configured using the AIMMS PRO Configurator tool which is installed to your server together with PRO itself. It can be accessed any time using the AIMMS PRO Management shortcut on the desktop or by navigating to http://localhost:9191 on the server hosting PRO.

Configuring the configurator

The configurator runs as a web service, thus it is available via HTTP/HTTPS on a specific port (by default, HTTP port 9191). These values can be changed in the file, found in dataDir/config. An empty value means disabled.

In order to apply the changes done to this file, you will need to restart the AIMMS PRO Configurator Service from the Windows Services management console.

Various sections of the configurator

The AIMMS PRO Configurator has several sections.

Each settings section comes with default values, so you don’t need to input all settings from scratch for a new installation. You just need to go through the Connection configuration and PRO configuration sections, make changes if needed (or just to make sure that everything is correct) and save the settings. If some settings are wrong, you will see the corresponding error messages next to the incorrect value(s). You will need to fix these errors before the changes that you made can be saved. Fields often have tooltips that help you to understand what value needs to be entered. Just move your mouse over the [?] icon to see the help message.

Connection configuration

In the Connection configuration section, you can configure the PostgreSQL database that AIMMS PRO connects to for storing its internal data. PostgreSQL comes bundled with the AIMMS PRO installation, so there is no need to set it up separately. The bundled PostgreSQL installation works out of the box. You need to enter the host (in JDBC format). You may also need to change the username, the password and the schema name in the corresponding fields.

You can use the buttons at the bottom of the window to either save your database connection settings, to test them (without saving) or to reset the changes that you have made to the settings without saving. If the connection cannot be established with the settings you provided, you will see an error message describing what went wrong. If you want your PRO to work in a cluster setup, you need to make sure that all your cluster nodes are connecting to the same database. Please refer to the section Setting up a cluster for further information.

Connection configuration

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PRO configuration

In this section, you can change all settings related to your PRO instance(s). This includes both settings that are common for all nodes in a cluster (if you have one) and settings for any particular node in your cluster. This section contains the settings that were available in the AimmsPROServer.json file in AIMMS PRO 1.0. If you’ve performed a migration as described below, these settings will appear in this section; you will just need to make sure that they are correct. Some of the settings can be changed while running PRO; these will be applied immediately. If your changes however require a restart of all your nodes, you will get a message telling you so. The PRO configuration section consists of several subsections, each of which is explained in detail below.

General settings

These are the general settings that the whole of your PRO setup is using, i.e. all nodes in a cluster setup (if you have one), not just the machine on which you run the AIMMS PRO Configurator.

Here you may change the following settings:

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Active directory configuration

This subsection allows you to specify the Active Directory credentials to allow loging in to non-domain computers.

Active Directory Configuration

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Web configuration

Here you can specify HTTP and/or HTTPS ports on which the AIMMS PRO portal will listen.

For HTTPS connectivity, you must specify an SSL Key store file (optionally with a password) containing the server certificate and the private key to be used by the portal server.

Web Configuration

Note: If your PRO server is running on linux then HTTP and HTTPS ports fields are disabled and configured externally.

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Worker profiles

This section denotes which license profiles are available for server-side AIMMS worker sessions to perform server-based optimization tasks. Please note that the first (top) profile will be used as the default.


For each worker profile, you need to specify the following settings:

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Queue priority settings

A list of priorities for PRO jobs that match the criteria specified in the priority rule.

Queue Priority Settings

If a request matches multiple priority rules, the highest priority (i.e. the lowest value) will be selected. Here you need to enter the Default priority – the priority for all requests that have no other matching priorities. You may also add as many specific priorities as needed. For each of them you need to specify the following:

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Queue rules

A configurable list of rules that are applied to any request matching criteria specified for a particular rule. With these rules you can limit the number of jobs that can be run simultaneously by a particular user and/or a particular application on a particular node.

Queue Rules

If you want to introduce such a limit for each rule, you need to specify the following:

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Ports to listen

Port(s) on which the AIMMS PRO server will listen.

Ports To Listen

You may specify several ports – separate for internal and external connections (see External URI and Internal URI below). There must be at least one port to listen on, otherwise AIMMS PRO will not be able to operate. All nodes in your cluster will be listening to the same ports that you specify in this section. For SSL connections, you must specify an SSL Key store file that contains the certificate and private key to be used for the server, along with the password (if any) by which the SSL Key store file is protected. Each listening port has the following fields:

Note: If your PRO server is running on linux then URI field is disabled and configured externally.

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Configuration specific for separate nodes

A list of settings for the servers that can be used by the AIMMS PRO server to dispatch server-side AIMMS sessions to. Each node automatically appears in this list when you are adding it to your cluster. You cannot add or remove server nodes from within the AIMMS PRO Configurator.

Configuration Specific for Separate nodes

For each node you can change the following settings:

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Migration from AIMMS PRO 1.0

The migration process from an older AIMMS PRO installation (i.e. 1.0.x) is described on a separate page.

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Backup management

Backup management for AIMMS PRO suite is described on a separate page.

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Start/stop services

In this section you may start or stop AIMMS PRO 2.0 services and view service statuses.

Start/stop services

You will not be able to start or stop services if your PRO configuration is not valid. If so, you will get a message telling you what is wrong.

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