All activities of the AIMMS PRO Service, Portal Service and server-side sessions are logged. Such logs may be useful when tracing the cause of unexpected errors that may occur while running AIMMS PRO.

Logs Location

All log files are gathered in Log subfolder of the AIMMS PRO data folder, by default that would be C:\ProgramData\AimmsPRO\Log. You may change the logs configuration as described below in order to get more detailed logging information, change file names, file generation policy, etc.

Log files

If something does not work you may want to check the following files for errors:

Files with the similar names but with the date appended contain logs from previous days. For example, AimmsPROServer.2015-06-21.0.log contains AIMMS PRO Backend logs for 21st of June 2015.

Log Configuration

All log configuration files are located in the dataDirConfig directory. AIMMS PRO 2.0 uses the following log configuration files:

Changing the logging Level

For each component, you can specify the detail level at which logging events should take place. By default, all components log at the INFO level. You can modify the logging level by editing the log configuration files mentioned above. In case of unexpected errors, you may want to (temporarily) change the logging level of the corresponding component to DEBUG or
TRACE, which will create a log file containing all available logging events for that component.

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