Because part of the execution of your project is now disconnected from the computer of the end-user, you must keep in mind that the PRO-enabled project itself, and more specifically, the procedure that is to be run on the server (i.e. the procedure that contains the call to pro::DelegateToServer), will be subject to certain limitations. Below you will find guidelines for the constructs to avoid when PRO-enabling your model, and ways around certain limitations.

Constructs to Avoid

When preparing your AIMMS project for PRO, there are a couple of things you must not forget to ensure that your project is compatible with running in PRO:

Symptoms When You Violate These Limitations

When publishing your model, AIMMS PRO will perform a verification run of your model. If your model contains any of the above constructs, this may lead to a publication failure with unexpected or no error messages at all. For instance, when your MainInitialization procedure contains a dialog box, your model will hang indefinitely waiting for input, and will eventually time out without any relevant information as to what caused the failure.

Application Experience

To create a complete application experience, use a custom menu bar for your application, where you leave out

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