Both from the Apps and the Jobs page of the PRO portal, you can retrieve statistics about the end-user applications that you are working with. By selecting the Stats button on either an app on the Apps page, or a job on the Jobs page, you can get statistics about the corresponding application.

Queued and Running Jobs

On the statistics page of an app you get information about the number of jobs currently in the queue for that app, both for you and for all users together, as well as the current number of jobs running for that application.

Historical Runtime Data

In addition, the statistics page will give you an overview of the historical runtime data (all the runs of the application since it was published; the deleted jobs also count) for the application at hand for a selected time period and time resolution. Per time slot in the selected period, you will get an overview of

How to Interprete

If the average queue times substantially exceed the average run times of your application on a regular basis, this may be an indication that the number of licenses and other resources assigned to your application is too low. You may expect that by increasing the capacity of the under-assigned resources by one, the average queue time will decrease by the average run time.

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