The Lisa system is a cluster computer consisting lisaof several hundreds of multi-core nodes running on Linux. As of last week, Dutch academic institutions can start using AIMMS on this cluster free of charge. Thanks to our Academic Cluster License, users have access to all solvers associated with our Academic License program for processing many instances of a model on the cluster. The system can be used for multiple applications, including research, scenario analysis and decomposed problem solving.

The Lisa Cluster is meant for people who are in need of large computing capacities, but do not need the facilities of a real supercomputer. The system offers a large number of multi-core nodes, many connected with a fast InfiniBand Network enabling efficient parallel programs. The system is installed and maintained by SURFsara, a Netherlands-based research institute.

logoAbout SURFsara

As the national HPC and e-Science support center, SURFsara is unique within the Dutch IT sector. SURFsara provides a complete package of services in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC), Networking, Data Services, Visualization, e-Science Support and Cloud Services. The organization work together with the academic community (including researchers, educational institutions and academic medical centers) and SMEs.

Since January 2013, SURFsara is part of SURF, the collaborative ICT organization for higher education and research in the Netherlands. Together with SURFnet, SURFmarket and SURFshare they collaborate on optimizing the national ICT infrastructure and knowledge transfer.

SURFsara is also a partner in national and international projects, such as LOFAR, EGI, WLCG/LHC, EUDAT and PRACE. Within these projects, the most powerful European (super) computers and data storage systems for petabytes of scientific data are being used.

Dutch Academic institutions interested in learning more about SURFsara and the Lisa system can contact them through this link.