September 26, 2014

Haarlem, The Netherlands – We are excited to inform you about our latest product release: AIMMS 4.1. This release contains the following new major features and can be downloaded here.

We have completely rebuilt the database connectivity functionality in AIMMS to increase the stability, maintainability and portability. Because we also reviewed the ways in which we communicate data with databases in various scenarios, we’ve improved the speed up to 100x in some scenarios, while other scenarios resulted in just a slight speed increases or decrease.* Unless your project used OLE DB there is no need to change your project, you will automatically benefit from this improvement. Otherwise you need to convert your project to use an ODBC connection instead.

*) As the efficiency of the queries constructed by AIMMS also depends on the data already present in the database tables and identifiers mapped to in the model, we cannot guarantee that you will not run into rare situations where the new database interface performs considerably slower. If so, please let us know and we will try to improve the buffering and caching strategies employed to bring the performance back to par in your specific configuration.

Another improvement is that the determination of the Math Program type now takes place at a later stage, such that the correct solver can be selected better based on the data present in the model.

Detailed information about all new features in AIMMS 4.1 can be found here and in its release notes. AIMMS 4.1 is available to everyone who is trying out AIMMS, to everyone with an AIMMS license that is in maintenance, and to everyone buying a new AIMMS license. If you do not have a maintained license, you can request a trial license or apply for maintenance on an existing license at info@aimms.comMore news…