Haarlem – Today, AIMMS released the Production Release of AIMMS 3.14 (Download AIMMS 3.14 PR). This Production Release follows the two AIMMS 3.14 Feature Releases that were released in 2013.

This AIMMS 3.14 PR contains all major and minor enhancements provided in its preceding Feature Releases, including UTF8 and other encodings, modern styling, automatic Benders and solver updates. Detailed information of all new features in AIMMS 3.14 PR can be found here and in its release notes. The future focus of this Production Release will be on stability (bug fixes and solver updates only).

AIMMS 3.14 PR is available to everyone who is trying out AIMMS, to everyone with a maintained license, and to everyone buying a new AIMMS license. If you do not have an eligible license, you can request a free license or apply for maintenance on an existing license at info@aimms.com.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us through support@aimms.com.